​Our Services

Sprout offers financial workshops to individual and families through partnerships with non-profits, small and medium sized businesses and other venues that cover the following topics:

Understanding Money?

What's so important about money? Everyone, regardless of your socioeconomic situation, choice in career, or passions in life, we all have to use money to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, not much is taught to us about money and most are left to trial and error. Learn about money and why it's important to you. 

Budgeting for You?

Creating a budget can be difficult. There's so many templates and one size doesn't fit all. Your income, location and lifestyle are all variables that are unique. How do you stick a round peg in a square hole? 

Risky Business

Learn how to protect your goals and dreams as we cover investment risk, insurance and estate planning.

The Investment Policy

Ever wonder which investments to choose in your 401(k)? How to make investment decisions for yourself or with your advisor? In this workshop, we explore diversification across stocks, bonds and other investments. 

Education Planning

What's the right investment vehicle to fund your child's college education? How do you title the accounts for financial aid? Learn the right approaches for your family's situation.

Retirement Planning

Pension funds have largely become a thing of the past, leaving individuals on their own to determine savings rate, rates of returns, and which investments to make. Be in control of your situation and plan for the future.

​Real Estate and Home Buying

Is the American Dream a thing of the past? Know and understand if you should own a home and how to own a home and use real estate as an investment.

Putting a Plan Together

In this workshop, we explore the importance of a financial plan and how to put all the pieces together.

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